A review about Brave Heart

The movie is moving and heartbreaking. Fortunately, althouth Walliam Wallace was dead at last, but his last shout “Freedom” had come into everyone’s heart, been abloom and mature. I will give my feelings and understandings about the movie in several aspects.

First. No people in their motherland doesn’t love freedom. But always the freedom is deprived from the people every several decades since someone’s selfish desire, such as power and money. Why and how does it happen? It always accompanys wars which cause unneccessary suffering. The prior government is autocratic and atrocious. So the people rise in revolt. Meanwhile, some people who had ulterior motives would also take the opportunity to realize their selfish desire. It is horrible. And after several years, the new government maybe become autocratic and atrocious too. Why? Some people are selfish and they love power and the feelings overtop others. So in my opinion, if we want to break the strange circle, we should not place hopes on a certain person or a certain party. We should make some rules to restrict the power of the government.

Second. Wallace is dead. His value is that he helped the people in this age to awake and gain their own freedom. Similar to the war in the movie, from 1930s, in China, there was also a war. A lot of people joined the army to try go gain their freedom and happy lives. At last, they had won. But in the front which was waiting for them were not freedom and rich lives, but political slogans and autocratic. In current government, there was filled with intrigue. The electoral system was a hotbed of corruption. People in that age selected a leader but the leader was aggressive, autocratic, and selfish. The people helped the leader to achive his goal. It’s the greatest calamity.

Third. Education is very important to a person . It includes knowledge, ethics, habit and characters. Family education is the base in the whole life of a person. In the movie, the prince, the future king of England, was cowardly, no independent, atrocious and selfish, but his father, the current king, was independent, atrocious and selfish. In some aspects, they were similar, but in other aspects, their characters were contray. Why? In my opinion, the king was to powerful and he had never respect his son, who first should be a human being. The prince thought his father as a enemy and was fear of his father. The shadow in the heart of the prince made his never be independent. If the father had been training his son to be independent from childhood and respect him. The prince may be not so cowardly to lose his kingship.

作者: 勿慢牛



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